Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan


Just like its prequel The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monster is fast-paced and eventful. However, when I was reading this book, I found it to be quite repetitive and predictable; every nice person that Percy encounters turns out to be evil, and whenever Percy is in danger, someone else saves him. Also, the mythology part of it doesn't seem as intriguing as that of the first book— how interesting are these one-eyed cyclops?

Furthermore, I got a bit tired of the overly-simplistic way that the narrator uses to describe everything. For example, I remember Percy simplifying the dynamics between the gods down to "Zeus and my father are angry at each other." I mean, even though this is a children's book, many things could still be stated and described in some more elegant, insightful manner!

Nevertheless, as a book for entertainment, it serves its purpose. It's a light read that doesn't require a lot of thinking, and one that doesn't get boring.