Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Life in the Past Thirty Days

During the past thirty days or so, I went through what was the busiest and most work-loaded time of my life. I had to complete two reading journals, write and present a speech, create a 25-page picture book about Macbeth, prepare an application for a summer camp, finish building my bridge for physics class, write my English ISP essay, and... you get the idea. I also had to constantly review school materials at home because there was an unusually large amount of tests. As a result, I had almost no chance to take a break and relax myself.

Perhaps this was why I got sick on December 8th (I think?). So sick that I couldn't concentrate, couldn't think properly, couldn't even eat without vomiting afterwards! Consequently, I had to stay at home to recover, and to go to a doctor to do some checkups. Fortunately, I got better after two days, and the doctor couldn't find anything particularly wrong with me.

So, I resumed my school life, gradually caught up with my school work, and miraculously completed all assignments in the next two weeks. Unfortunately, just as I was about to celebrate the beginning of the winter break, I started sneezing and coughing! And as if these are not bothersome enough, I also had major nosebleeds for four days in a row.

Evidently, my life in the past thirty days hasn't been very pleasant or comfortable. I had a ton of school work, as well as many physical/health problems. However, now that it is the winter break, I am sure I can get myself back together, and have the next thirty days of my life completely different from the last thirty days of my life.