Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Doing Well

Lately I haven't been doing well in physics, chemistry or English. (In other words, I am only doing well in math).

For physics, it's mainly because of my lack of effort: I spend almost all my time doing my English assignments, and as a result, I rarely complete my homework or do any studying. That's why so far all my test and quiz scores are in the 80s.

For chemistry, it's also because of my lack of effort. Yes, even though I know it is a grade 12 course, I haven't been putting a lot effort into it because I always thought the material was pretty easy. Also, all of a sudden the teacher started giving us difficult tests (in grade 11 I used to be able ace all the tests pretty easily), and started being extremely picky when marking communication questions.

As for English, even though I do put a lot of effort into it, I haven't been getting very good marks because I still don't know what the teacher expects of me. As a result, my writing and reading marks— which really should be pulling my mark up— are not very satisfactory. Also, there is an surprisingly huge amount of work for the course, so even though in total I do spend a lot of time on the assignments, the time spent on each individual assignment isn't as much as it could be.

I hope I will do better from now on.